Our studio specializes in building unique houses and creating luxurious interiors. We love historical styles and know them really well; for instance, styles from Empire and Classicism to Art Nouveau and Art-Deco. Each of our projects is unique and created to suit individual tastes, needs and the lifestyle of the client. Our relationships with each client are built upon trust and for each client we create a comfortable environment tailored to his or her needs.

Tatiana Bozhovskaya’s Studio Exclusive Interior dates back to 1999. The company has been specializing in planning and executing customized interior designs since its foundation.

Our valuable work experience is multiplied by the expertise of each member of our team. You can trust us to develop turn-key interior/exterior designs of any level of complexity; we have a lot of experience in working with indoor and outdoor spaces both of residential and civil buildings.

It is all possible thanks to our tight-knit team of excellent professionals who have been working together for a long time. The team consists of experienced architects, painters, designers and decorators. We also involve top-class contractors for construction work and we closely monitor and control every phase of their activity. We can offer a rich collection of catalogs of furniture and sanitary engineering, as well as finishing materials and fabric samples. We provide turn-key solutions. We have executed more than 80 designs of apartments, houses and office spaces in 15 years. While working with us on their projects, clients often become our best friends and later they return to us again and again.

The main purpose of working with you is for you to get a solution that is closest to your dream about an ideal home or business space.

Listening to all of your wishes and ideas we, together, will find the golden mean that will finally become the foundation for managing your business or for the comfort of your lifestyle.