Zhukovka, Odintsovo district. A private residence

This is a facade reconstruction of a country house.
The facade is designed in the Art Nouveau style. Characteristic motifs of this style are an asymmetrical facade, glass ceilings, forging, and ornamental patterns based on natural forms and abstractions; all of these features are used in the decor. S-like lines and a “whiplash” curve are the dominant motifs of Art Nouveau.
The façade makes use of the following elements: a terrace, a loggia, and a staircase. The house is located on a terraced slope. There is a two-tier glass greenhouse with forging elements; a conservatory forming a part of the roof is located there. Rows of windows of different shapes and sizes stand out on the facade, while large windows turn the house into a sunny, bright place. Flutes of pilasters are transformed into a floral ornament and shape the crown of a tree above the axis of the windows. The pediment is decorated by a carved frieze made of stone. Natural stone is used for finishing. Everything here is like a living organism and represents both natural forms and the result of an artist’s creativity; a leap of imagination.