A house on Istra. Solnechnogorsk district.

A modern wooden cottage on the Istra reservoir was transformed into a stylized, cozy, old-fashioned country house (“dacha”) like the one belonging to Chekhov’s characters. We were inspired by a collection of antiques collected by the lady-owner of the house. Light piney walls were made to look older with the help of a special stain. It was important to maintain the old-world-style atmosphere (“like the old times”) not letting any traces of technological progress be noticed. Illumination was arranged with the help of forged chandeliers with candle-like light bulbs, ”kerosene” lamps (naturally they were electric but looked like actual kerosene lamps) and “ancient” lampshades. Colonial furniture was chosen for the setting; due to manual processing, dark wood and unconventional proportions this furniture blended perfectly with the “old-style” Russian interior.