Nezhinskaya, Moscow. Apartments

The apartment with an area of 150 sq.m. flooded with light is a city residence of a married couple who have children and grandchildren. The apartment allows two active travelers to rest, which is the essential function of the house. The interior is designed in the Art Deco style. The dominant motifs of the style include simple laconic furniture, ethnic elements, abundant gilding and leather items. The space is virtually devoid of partitions, it serves well both for welcoming guests and for living in comfort. The apartment has windows that are rare both for Moscow and Russia in general: windows from floor to ceiling. Windows and freely penetrating light served as guidelines for all three-dimensional solutions. The original layout was reconstructed to maximize light in the apartment. The wall dividing the huge window was removed and several areas were combined: the living-dining area and one of the bedrooms. The living-room wall was moved inwards thus reducing the corridor area.