Varvarino, Naro-Fominskiy district, a private house

A modern country cottage with an area of 368 sq.m. was transformed into a traditional house in an Alpine chalet style. Alpine people prefer their chalets built from natural materials, like stone and wood; they like bright colorful furniture that is pleasant to look at when it is snowing outside and they also like live fire so that the house is always cozy and warm. These were our guiding principles that we applied when we started working on the project. The building’s facades were decorated with natural stone, and the stone also appeared inside the house decorating the staircase and fireplaces. The walls simulate the “exposed stonework” effect. All the floors in the house are made of rough oak boards, and some elements of the supporting construction were preserved – namely oak ceiling beams. Observing all Alpine canons we tried to add individual features to the building. At the request of the owners of the house their private offices were decorated in a style more exquisite than is usual for an Alpine chalet. It allowed specialists from the Exclusive design studio to leave clients with another “signature”– a handmade drawing on the ceiling beams.